Clint Obenchain movie list

A character actor on the rise, having appeared recently in 'OUTER RANGE'-'THE CLEANING LADY'-'MACGRUBER'-'INTRUSION' -'NEWS OF THE WORLD' Previous appearances as nefarious characters in 'BETTER CALL SAUL' (AMC), 'DEPUTY' (FOX), 'INTERROGATION' (CBS), 'MIDNIGHT, TX' (NBC) and 'THE NIGHT SHIFT' (NBC) and 'THE KID' (LIONSGATE) Exciting upcoming roles in 'VENGEANCE' (B.J. Novak, Blumhouse) 'KEYHOLE GARDEN' (Marco Perego) 'AT THE END OF THE SANTA FE TRAIL' (Marvel director Garry A. Brown) Praise from collaborators: WILL FORTE- 'MACGRUBER' "Clint was amazing. We were lucky to find him. He brought a sense of intelligence, evil, and brawn to his character.' KRISTEN WIIG -'MACGRUBER'