Jeff Bragg movie list

Jeff was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin, His Parents Bob and Dorothy Bragg met while they where working as dance instructors and will soon celebrate 60 years of marriage. His Mother raised Jeff and his two siblings Glenn and Susan as a stay at home Mom. Robert worked as salesman and sales trainer until he opened his own company Corporate Learning Center. Around age 4 Jeff was put on one of the neighbor's mini bikes and was able to ride it around until his mother flipped out, that ended the ride for that day but he has had a passion for motorcycles ever since. From Racing Moto X for many years to riding cross country a few times and still riding every chance he gets. After being a ski bum in Vail for a season (Basically a homeless guy with skis) and traveling around the country Jeff settled into a corporate sales job until his position was eliminated. With a small severance and lots of time on his hands he decided to take some Improvisation classes at Dudley Riggs Brave new workshop in MPLS and he was hooked. There He was performing with the Improv Team along with doing local theater and films until he got a gig as a Stand in for Bill Paxton on A Simple Plan where he also met Sam Raimi and Grant Curtis. A few months after the film wrapped Jeff was offered a spot on a Commercial that Sam was going to direct, He moved to LA and never looked back.