Aizhan Lighg movie list

Aizhan LighG is a young Actress, Singer, and a Lawyer. Aizhan is originally from Kazakhstan, where she made a prominent career as a lawyer and received a state award from the President. Aizhan always had a passion for stage and this passion was reciprocal. She won Miss Tourism Kazakhstan, 1st Runner Up for Miss Eurasia, and 3rd Runner up for Miss Global. Having received a full scholarship to study at the UCLA, she moved to Los Angeles. Aizhan performed on stage of several theaters around Los Angeles, including the female cast adaptation of the Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs, where she portrayed Ms.White, playing Cassie in "A Chorus Line" the musical, and Ivy in 'bare' pop opera. Aizhan LighG is being considered for the 77th Golden Globes for her performance in Tomiris.