Madison Brydges movie list

Madison Brydges (Maddie) is a Canadian born actor known for the feature films "Single All The Way" (Daniela), "Love You Like Christmas" (Jo), "Flatliners" (Tessa) and the series "My Life With The Walter Boys" (Paige), "Hardy Boys" (Vanessa), "The Parker Andersons" (Rickylnn), "Big Top Academy and Big Top Academy - Schools Out Edition" (April), "Murdoch Mysteries" (Agnes), and "Close Encounters" (Freida). Madison made her theatre debut in "Numbers" (Halina) and also in the music industry with her video "Walk the Walk". Madison has been recognized and achieved a Young Artist Award, Young Entertainers Award and a Joey Award for her role as Jo in "Love You Like Christmas". In addition to her awards, she has received both a Young Artist Award and Joey Award nomination for her roles in Murdoch Mysteries, Flatliners and Numbers, as well as a Joey Award nomination for her music video "Walk the Walk". Madison is a multi award winning competitive dancer in both Canada and the USA, receiving numerous accolades in all genres of dance. Always having the love and passion for performance, dance and theatre Madison is quickly becoming known for the characters she brings to life. Whether lending dramatic authenticity or a natural comedic flair to her roles, she graces the screen and stage with remarkable range and an original captivating style.