Buzz Roddy movie list

Buzz has been in show business for nearly 40 years. Part of the burgeoning theatre scene in Washington, DC in the late 1970s-early 1980s, he was an original member of Woolly Mammoth Theatre Co. New Playwrights Theatre Of Washington and myriad theaters extant and departed. Films and voice-overs for the US Government and Military were part of an actor's life in DC, and Buzz did thousands, achieving the fake rank of Naval Lt. Cmdr. He has been a magician, juggler and mime. (Don't ask) He even did performance art with Yoko Ono. Just when the DC scene was getting hot, he went back to NYC. You can't teach timing. He's a frequent face in the New York theatre and in regional theaters across the US. He has played most of the European continent. Unclassifiable, his myriad roles range from blue collar to aristocrat; American to European; classical theatre to musical theatre; drama to farce. Yale to jail; Park Avenue to park bench. He has worked with actors famous, anonymous and ignominious. He's is a classically-trained tenor, speaks several languages and is an expert dialectician. While in Europe with Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, he met his wife, Laurie Dawn, who was playing the title role. She is his favorite co-star. They make their home in a peaceful village called The Bronx. (One of only 3 cities in the world, including The Hague and The Vatican that begin with the letter, "The") He is a proud member of Actors' Equity and SAG-AFTRA and a committed trade unionist.