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Nick was born in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England on the 4th of October 1980. On leaving school he was offered a place at Cambridge University, but instead chose to study geophysics at the University of Durham, graduating with a first. Whilst at Durham he became involved in the local comedy circuits but on leaving did accept an offer from Cambridge to read for a doctorate in seismology. However he never completed his course because after joining the Footlights Revue and appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe he was spotted by a BBC producer who offered him radio work. He has since appeared in numerous sitcoms - Miranda (2009), Life's Too Short (2011) and most notably as the annoying promotions manager in Jessica Knappett's Drifters (2013). In 2014 his persona of Mr. Swallow attracted huge critical claim in a comic reworking of Dracula on stage and two years later he was similarly lauded as this time Mr. Swallow took on the role of Harry Houdini, appearing nightly in a glass tank like Houdini himself. The show transferred from Edinburgh and opened in London's Soho Theatre in 2017.