Terence Bernie Hines movie list

Award-winning film maker and actor, Terence Bernie Hines has been cast and directed in films by Academy Award Winning directors James Mangold and Peter Farrelly. He has shared the stage and/or screen with some of the great actors in history, from and Meryl Streep (Stuck on You) to Alfred Molina (Identity), Harrison Ford (Crossing Over), Beau Bridges (Rushlights), and Ben Stiller, Shirley McClaine and Kristen Wiig (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) Matt Damon (Stuck on You) and the late Ed Asner. Terence was born and raised in Detroit's notoriously tough west side. At the age of 14 he was attacked by a neighborhood gang and wound up flat-lining on the hospital table before suddenly recovering. Humor had a hand in his further recovery and has since remained an integral part of his life. As an adult, Terence relocated to LA, where he was cast in a short film called "Red Zone" by a friend in acting class. 6 months later, Terence came home to a message on his answering machine from director Peter Farrelly saying he'd seen him in the short, and thought he'd be "perfect" for a major role in a new movie he and his brother were preparing to shoot. Terence returned the call promptly, nailed the meeting with them and before he knew it, found himself on set with Oscar winners and nominees Matt Damon, Meryl Streep, Greg Kinnear along with Cher in "Stuck On You". He has since been in dozens of other films and television projects with Sean Penn, Brad Garrett, Yvette Nicole Brown, Jon Cusack, and Katherine Hahn along with nearly 100 national and international commercials. His "I Feel Great" Nutrigrain commercial spoof has been seen and or downloaded millions of times worldwide on YouTube including going viral in Asia after the Japanese version was released in Asia. Recently, Terence has been writing and or producing several short films that have gone on to win numerous awards around the world - while continuing to act in features and TV.
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