Aaron Fors movie list

Aaron Fors was born in Oregon City, Oregon. He was raised in Southern California, and attended Palmdale High School, graduating 6 years early, at the age of 11. Aaron began his acting career at 8 years old, appearing in Guest Star and recurring roles in television on Lizzy Maguire, Even Stevens, NYPD Blue, The Agency, Mad T.V., The Martin Short Show, The Brother's Garcia, I'm with Her, The Closer, The O.C., Zoey 101, Without a Trace, and as a series regular on Disney's U.K. Movie Surfers. He is also a voice over artist and performs on stage. Aaron has always had a passion for dialects and began attending master classes with dialect coaches Joel Goldes and Robert Easton at 10. He practices multiple forms of martial arts, (Tae Kwon Do, boxing, Kung Fu), archery, and stage fighting. Aaron is a self-admitted super geek, takes after his father in his love for biology and genetics, and is rarely seen anywhere with out his Rubik's Cube. He is currently busy studying acting and working in indie features and shorts. In June 2014 he performed for the fourth time in the The Blank Theatre's 22nd Annual Young Playwrights Festival.
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